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Ben Beagle Rides

Book 2 received from publisher/ printer on February 1, 2017. Ben Beagle Rides, another adventure in rhyme about the happy bunny chasing Beagle Ben, just sold out first set of stocked books at Readmore Saturday so it will be time to deliver on Monday.

Weather has been warmer so instead of cozy house of straw, many days Ben is perched on his tree root observing his domain and chatting with other dogs and the family as they go in and out.

He came right in the house the day the books came and sat in Norris’s lap as I read him the story and showed his picture.

Front Cover of "Ben Beagle Rides" written by Donna Finch Slaton and Illustrated by Gary Sanchez.
Front Cover of “Ben Beagle Rides” written by Donna Finch Slaton and Illustrated by Gary Sanchez.

September 2016 Full of Blessings

Last week was an exceptional week with lots of projects coming to completion just in time for me to attend the Kentucky Library Association Conference where an extra special blessing of being awarded Special Librarian of the Year for 2016 was a high point in a 40 plus year career of being a librarian.  I shared the honor this year with ALA Counselor and Librarian at Georgetown Michelle Craycraft Ruth who I have come to know through several years of conference attendance and emails as a delightful young lady and an energetic professional.  Proud for her that she is able to be mobile to represent our state on the national level and did not have to re-adjust to so many different library positions.  Having been a volunteer in grade school, middle and high school, a student worker in college and public and prison libraries while raising a family, I continue to volunteer as librarian for the Historical Society of Hopkins Co.  I was thrilled to have younger librarians acknowledge the work and years in this award, many who I have only known a few years.  Growing old and still working is better than sitting still as long as I am healthy enough to help others.


Beagle Love

Ben Beagle gives love every day

with a waggy tail, in his special way!

A welcoming bark when you come up the walk

is Ben Beagle’s cheerful welcome home talk.

When you get close enough to pet his head,

he reaches out to give puppy kisses instead.

Journaling Ben Beagle rhymes is a way to keep the story growing.  Ben inspires lots of fun, love and cuddles but I cannot run.  I enjoy watching him so, it is a treat to see him go!

Beagle Jump

Getting out of the pen or loose from the house is a good Beagle reason to jump for joy.

People feel the same way almost all the time.   At the end of the work day, when we get out of our pen, we should jump for joy, exercise a little and then sing at the top of our lungs.  Joyful sounds do not have to be performance quality to create joy from the inside and share the joy.  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!

Beagles Barking

Beagles have more than one bark. Listen to a Beagle for a full language lesson in tone and body language. Bunnies hop and they’re away!!Brrr Brrrr Brrr  Then there is the grrr grrr which means leave my food alone. And Beagles are like any other breed, there are big barkers and little yippers. Ben does not bark all the time like the Black n Tan Coonhounds in his neighborhood so we usually check to see what the bark is about, except for the one that says someone is driving up. Friendly bark is welcoming family and friends. How many barks have you heard dogs make, or seen written down in books? What is your favorite bark?

Review in Louisville Courier Journal

Courier Journal kids summer reading article by Jayne Moore Waldrip features Ben Beagle Plays. On 5.27.16 it was published online

Simple rhyming story of a real beagle chasing a rabbit by Kentucky author, Kentucky illustrator and Kentucky publisher. Hidden hearts in illustrations are a bonus.